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Version 1.7 Preview
Posted by Panagiotis Mantzouranis on 03 June 2013 05:06 PM

Important new features

User Management

Our new version is coming soon, packing the much-awaited user database and management functions.
It is now possible for Gizmo to work as a standalone authentication (accounts) system without the need for third party software.

If you are currently using one of our supported café management suites and have no need for its billing functionality, you can switch to Gizmo’s built in account management system right away and simplify your installation.

A Perfect solution for Universities, Libraries and any type of business that provides public access to computers.

Authentication Plugins & API

The new user system also enables you to tap into authentication procedures and provides flexibility and control over them.

Authentication plugins can redirect authentication requests sent to Gizmo servers, giving you control over authentication procedure.

Functionality to override user management completely using your own plug-in is in the works and will enable the use of any external user account system through Gizmo.

Along the user management feature we have extended our WEB API. It’s now possible to manage users directly though Gizmo’s  WEB API interface.

The new version adds support for the following plugin types:

Pre Authenticate.

Pre authenticate plugins can be used when you wish to use your own authentication source.
The source can be of any type, a user database, an active directory or even online Facebook authentication.

Using a pre authenticate plugin to redirect authentication requests enables you to retain and manage your customers’ accounts on a different platform, while on the same time take advantage of Gizmo’s user specific features (PUF, Personal drive etc)

Post Authenticate.

Post authenticate plugins can be used to manipulate the login procedure after the user has successfully verified. For example, you might want to deny access to a person during specific hours, or when a predefined condition has been met.  Possible uses are:

A user account is blacklisted or overused their monthly usage time.
A user account is already logged in another location etc.

Server Hooks

A Server hook is a very simple yet powerful plugin type. With this kind of plugin you have the ability to take full control of the server using our internal API.

For example, you can create a plugin to be notified at specific events, both on the server and on clients, on a specific day time etc.

Client Virtualization layer removal

A decision was made to remove the virtualization layer from the client module. Up until now the gizmo client was a single executable, something useful but at a cost. The new un-virtualised client module will provide faster startup times, enhanced performance and stability.

As usual, many fixes and optimizations have been implemented (accompanied with a change log). We plan on releasing the new version to the public in a few weeks time, afterwards which we will focus on resolving any problems or bugs that may surface as well as start working on the following features:

Manager Module

The Manager module will be a standalone remote management application that will allow the control and administration of both Gizmo Server and Client Machines remotely.

Faster Communication Protocol

This will improve the peers’ response time, lower CPU usage and optimize network traffic.
Additional features include a compression and encryption algorithm for secure communication between Manager and Server module.

Protection Driver and Monitoring Service

This will fully protect the client module from any unauthorized termination and memory modification as well as enable it to recover in case of a crash.
We also consider introducing a “white list” execution feature that will disallow starting of any program not contained in the application list.

More coming soon! Stay tuned.

Comments (1)
Francisco Ulloa
03 June 2013 05:24 PM
So this means that Gizmo is getting closer to be fully standalone and we are going to be able to get rid of SL?

Awesome! Great work Gizmo team!