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How To: Restore Gizmo Database (MS SQL)
Posted by Panagiotis Mantzouranis on 25 October 2018 04:08 PM

Follow the steps mentioned below to restore a database from a backup file.

STEP 1: Open your MS SQL Server Management Studio and connect to your database.

STEP 2Right-click Database >> Restore Database:


STEP 3:  The “Restore Database” window will display. Select Source “Device” and click the button in front of that to specify the file location:


STEP 4: Select the option “Backup media as File” and click on the Add button to add the backup file location.


STEP 5: Select the backup file you want to restore and click the OK button:


STEP 6: Click the OK button:


STEP 7: Verify the information and click the OK button:


That’s it!  Now you have restored your SQL server database successfully with confirmation message “The restoration of database ‘SQLDatabaseName’ completed successfully.“.

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