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Knowledgebase: Skinning and API
API - User Balance
Posted by Panagiotis Mantzouranis on 04 June 2018 03:05 PM
Value Value explanation
userId Id of user account
deposits Deposits in user account
points Award points
onInvoices Unpaid remainder of all invoices
onInvoicedUsage Unpaid remainder of invoices from usage sessions (usage charged with billing profile)
onUninvoicedUsage Uninvoiced dept from usage sessions (usage charged with billing profile)
timeProduct total time from time product purchases (host group restrictions not accounted for)
timeFixed total time from fixed time purchases
availableTime "timeProduct"+"timeFixed"+available time from deposits
availableCreditedTime "availableTime"+time from credit
balance "Deposits"-"totalOutstanding"
timeProductBalance "timeProduct"+"timeFixed" (aka. total time from all purchases)
usageBalance "onInvoicedUsage"+"onUninvoicedUsage" (aka. unpaid dept from usage sessions)
totalOutstanding "onInvoices"+"onUninvoicedUsage" (aka. total unpaid dept)
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