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How To: Backup Gizmo Database (MS SQL)
Posted by Panagiotis Mantzouranis on 11 May 2017 05:01 PM


Built-in manual backup  (v2.0.367 and newer)

  1. Launch "Gizmo Service Configuration Wizard" desktop shortcut
  2. Click “Backup Database
  3. Select a destination folder and filename for the backup
  4. Click Continue and wait for backup procedure to complete


Built-in daily backup (v2.0.350 and newer)

To enable the automatic backup:

  1. Go to Manager settings - Server - Backup
  2. Select a backup folder (Default backup folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\NETProjects\Gizmo Service\Data\Backup\)
  3. Select time of day for the automatic backup
  4. Check the "enable" checkbox



Other Backup Methods

Option 1:

You may also use any 3rd party MS SQL backup tool, such as SQL Backup and FTP

SQLBackupAndFTP is free and can be used to backup Gizmo database manually or automatically every day.


Option 2:

  1. Download and install SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). You can view step by step instructions here
  2. Launch SQL Server Management Studio and connect to your MS SQL database instance
  3. Expand Databases, right click on your Gizmo Database - Tasks - Backup
  4. Note the backup destination folder for backup retrieval. Press OK to backup database.

Connect to your MS SQL database

Expand Databases, right click on your Gizmo Database - Tasks - Backup

Press OK to backup database

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