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How To: Get the most out of Groups & Profiles
Posted by Panagiotis Mantzouranis on 10 January 2013 06:06 PM

In this KB we use real world examples to show you different ways to use Gizmo's Groups and Profiles


1. Secure your client PC

While on the login Screen, all security restrictions should be enabled. This is to maximize the computer's protection against unlawful attempts to use the client without loggin in.

To achieve this you should:

  1. Create a security profile with all security restrictions enabled
  2. Assign this security profile to all Computer groups
  3. Verify all clients belong to a Computer group

Doing so will apply all security restrictions to the client pc as soon as it's turned on

To remove some of the security restrictions as soon as the user is logged in, create a second security profile and assign it to all User Groups.


2. Hide Specific games from client PC

There are cases where a net cafe has different hardware or software configurations that do not allow all applications to run on all pc.

In order to hide specific applications from certain computers:

  1. Create an Application Group & deselect the games you wish to hide
  2. Create a Computer Group and assign the previous Application Group to it
  3. Move computers to the new Computer group


3. Hide Specific games from User Groups

In some cases a net cafe requires to hide certain games from a specific User Group.

In order to hide specific applications:

  1. Create an Application Group & deselect the games you wish to hide
  2. Create a User Group and assign the previous Application Group to it
  3. Move users to the new User Group


4. Limit Personal drive to specific User Groups

 If you wish to provide to some of your customers a Personal Drive where they can store personal files, do the following:

  1. Enable the personal Drive in Tools Configure Client Client Settings User File Storage Enable Personal Storage
  2. Enable Personal Drive only on desired User Groups.


5. Use a different wallpaper on a Computer Group

  1. Create a copy of the default skin folder (located in Gizmo Server\Skins\) and replace the wallpaper.jpg with another wallpaper
  2. Restart Gizmo Server to load the duplicate Skin
  3. Assign the new skin to the corresponding Computer Group
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