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User's Personal Drive & Folder Mappings explained
Posted by Panagiotis Mantzouranis on 17 October 2012 06:18 PM


One of Gizmo's most popular feature is the users' Personal Drive. Gizmo's Personal Drive uses a proprietary transfer protocol and it's operation is completely transparent to the OS.

This means that it does not use Windows' map drive feature nor is it limited by Windows concurrent users' limitations.

To enable Personal Drive, go to Setup → Configure Client Client Settings User File Storage Enable Personal Storage

Select an unused drive letter to mount it (default U:) as well as the maximum storage size for each user.

Next, select where the Personal Drive will be stored on Gizmo server. Go to Setup → Configure → Server → File System User Storage Path

Finally, open the usergroups you wish to enable the feature and check the "Enable personal Drive" option.


When a user logs in, this personal drive will be mapped on the server to: User Storage Path\username\Documents

Optionally, you can redirect certain special folders (My Documents, My Pictures, Desktop etc) to point to the Personal Drive instead of the local one.

Go to Setup → Configure → Client Client Settings User File Storage Redirect User Folders

For each special folder you redirect, one with the same name is created inside the user's personal drive. For example, if you select to redirect "Documents", the following folder will be redirected:

OS Client folder path (BEFORE redirection)       Client folder path (AFTER redirection)       Server folder path
Windows XP    %USERPROFILE%\My Documents U:\My Documents User Storage Path\username\Documents\My Documents
Windows 7 and later %USERPROFILE%\Documents U:\Documents User Storage Path\username\Documents\Documents


Please keep in mind that redirecting special folders has a speed impact on all apps (incuding the OS itself) that use these folders for storing data. If you intend to use disk intensive applications (most notably games), we suggest that you refrain from redirecting folders that are used by those applications (usually "Documents" folder) and use PUFs instead for storing the data.

If you have already been redirecting one of these folders and wish to switch to PUFs please read the article below:

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