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Knowledgebase: Smartlaunch migration
How To: Migrate from mapped "My Documents" Folder to Gizmo PUF (Personal User Files)
Posted by Panagiotis Mantzouranis on 17 October 2012 01:54 PM

A lot of people have been using the "My Documents" mapping feature of Smartlaunch (and Gizmo) as an easy way to:

  1. Save users' personal files (Documents, pics etc)
  2. Save game progress for various games that store data in "My Documents"

This comes with a downside though.

Mapping the "My documents" folder to a network location imposes a penalty to the read/write performance. This penalty depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Network speed and utilisation
  • Server disk performance
  • Application's file access mechanism

If your games are excibiting slow loading times and/or Lag during game play, consider storing your customers' game progress using PUF files. This guide does not disable Gizmo's Personal Storage Feature, only stops the redirection of the "My Documents" folder to the client's Personal Drive (Default U:)

  1. Create a PUF for each game that stores its progress in "My Documents" Folder.
  2. Add a pre-License script (Batch) to each of these games and attach the code below, modifying it according to the actual Save Game Folder

Windows XP

------------------------------------------------------------CODE START------------------------------------------------------------

IF EXIST "U:\My Documents\SavegameFolder" XCOPY "U:\My Documents\SavegameFolder" "%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\SavegameFolder" /i /s /y /q

IF EXIST "U:\My Documents\SavegameFolder" REN "U:\My Documents\SavegameFolder" "SavegameFolder_OLD"

--------------------------------------------------------------CODE END--------------------------------------------------------------

Windows Vista & 7

------------------------------------------------------------CODE START------------------------------------------------------------

IF EXIST "U:\Documents\SavegameFolder" XCOPY "U:\Documents\SavegameFolder" "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\SavegameFolder" /i /s /y /q

IF EXIST "U:\Documents\SavegameFolder" REN "U:\Documents\SavegameFolder" "SavegameFolder_OLD"

--------------------------------------------------------------CODE END--------------------------------------------------------------


This script first determines if the SavegameFolder exists and if yes, copies it to Local "My Documents" folder for Gizmo Puf to save it on logout. Then it renames SavegameFolder to SavegameFolder_OLD for backup purposes (in case something goes wrong). Keep in mind that the actual save game folder may reside inside a "My games" folder, so edit the script accordingly.


  1. Go to Gizmo Server Settings >Client Settings >User Storage Settings and uncheck the "Documents" checkbox in Redirected Folders
  2. When you are confident that all Users' data have been succesfully migrated, delete all SavegameFolder_OLD folders to make space on the server

Do not forget to notify your customers (possibly with a login Notification Task) that they should store their files directly on Drive U: instead of the "My Documents" folder on the client pc. This means that you will have to unhide drive U: in Gizmo Server Security Profiles if you haven't done so.

Thanks go to Arne for suggesting this migration procedure to us...

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