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How To: Update Gizmo Server & Client
Posted by Panagiotis Mantzouranis on 28 March 2012 08:31 PM

Automatic Server & Client Update:


  1. Download ONLY latest Gizmo Server installer from the downloads section Link
  2. Shutdown Gizmo Service (instructions here), or close Console Window (if you are running Gizmo from "console" desktop shortcut)
  3. (Optional) Copy Gizmo Server Folder to another location for backup purposes & backup MSSQL DB as well (instructions here)
  4. Run Gizmo Server installer and install over the old installation
  5. Start Gizmo Server. Clients will update automatically
  6. Launch Gizmo Manager and login. You will be prompted to update to the new manager version automatically.


Manual Client Update:

If, for some reason, Gizmo clients cannot auto-update and fail during update procedure, do the following to manually update each client:

  1. Using Gizmo Manager, disable Client Auto Update (Tools → Configure → Server → Misc → Automatically Update Client Module)
  2. Set a Manager Password if you have not already done so (Tools → Configure → Client → Misc → Manager Password)
  3. Restart client(s). Clients should not try to Auto Update
  4. Bring up the manager menu by pressing the correct key combination on each client (KEY COMBINATION)
  5. Enter manager password and click Uninstall Client
  6. Download and install latest Gizmo Client installer from the downloads section Link
  7. Re-enable Client Auto Update in Gizmo Server
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