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Personal Drive - Frequently asked questions
Posted by Panagiotis Mantzouranis on 15 January 2020 06:49 PM
  1. What is "Personal Drive" feature?
    Personal drive feature provides customers with a personal hard disk to store their personal files
    It is a virtual disk created on the client pc during login. The actual files in this drive are located on your Gizmo Server

  2. How do i enable this feature?
    Follow this tutorial to enable Personal Drive feature

  3. Is this feature just a regular "network drive"?
    This feature does not use windows network sharing. It is a custom implementation. It does not require shares or a server OS and does not appear on the client as a network drive.

  4. Does this feature work with Guest logins?
    No, this feature is only available for customers with an account

  5. Can i provide this feature to selected customers?
    Yes, you can enable the personal drive only for specific Usergroup(s)

  6. Can i configure the size of the drive?
    Yes, you can select the size of the personal drive. The size is the same for all users.

  7. Where are the actual files stored?
    By default, the contents of the personal drive are stored inside the Gizmo Service folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\NETProjects\Gizmo Service\UserData\)
    You can relocate the folder by selecting a different folder path in:
    Setup → Configure → Server → File System → User Storage Path

  8. Can i access the customer files?
    The files are accesible from the Server's file system. They are not compressed/encrypted

  9. Does Gizmo pre-allocate the disk space on server?
    No. Gizmo does not pre-allocate the total size of the personal disk. The disk space used on the server is equal to the actual size of the customer's files.

  10. Are the files copied to/from the client during login/logout?
    No. The files are accessed "live" from the server, just like a network drive. Personal drive does not work like PUFs do.

  11. Can i move windows "special folders" (eg. my documents, my pictures) inside this drive?
    Yes, Gizmo includes this feature. You may redirect windows special folders inside the personal drive.
    Setup → Configure → Client → Client Settings → User File Storage → Redirect User Folders
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