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Knowledgebase: Skinning and API
Material Skin Parameters
Posted by Panagiotis Mantzouranis on 09 October 2019 02:01 PM

The following skin parameters can be customised by editing the material skin json file.

Default location is: c:\Program Files (x86)\NETProjects\Gizmo Service\Skins\Material\config.json

Always backup config.json before making changes


1. Wallpaper file name (filename)

"Wallpaper": "wallpaper.jpg",

Specifies the directory and file name of the image to be used as wallpaper


Wallpaper": "D:\\media\\wallpapers\\image1.jpg",

Wallpaper": "\\\\server\\storage\\tuneup\\image2.jpg",


2. Disable Skin Shadows (true/false)

"DisableShadows": "true",

Disables skin shadows. May increase skin performance


3. SoftwareRendering (true/false)


Enables software rendering. May fix graphical issues of skin but will increase CPU load


4. Hide Points (true/false)


Hides the customer Loyalty points from top bar


5. Hide Balance (true/false)


Hides customer balance from top bar


6. Hide Active Applications (true/false)


Hides active applications tab on top bar


7. Default Application sorting method (1-5)

"DefaultAppSort" : "3",

Specifies the shorting method used to display applications

0 - Sort by Title

1 - Sort by Rating

2 - Sort by Use (Popularity)

3 - Sort by Add date

4 - Sort by Release date

5 - Random


8. Rotator Source

"RotatorSource": "rotator",

Specifies the directory for the media used by login rotator


"RotatorSource": "D:\\media\\images",

"RotatorSource": "\\\\server\\storage\\tuneup\\media",


9. Rotate every x seconds (number 1,2,3 etc)

"RotateEverySeconds": "5",

Specifies the time in seconds between rotating media


10. File Order for rotator media (Random, FileName)

"FileOrder" : "Random", or "FileOrder" : 0,
"FileOrder" : "FileName", or "FileOrder" : 1,


Specifies the order in which the media used by login rotator is displayed

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