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Loyalty Points - Frequently asked questions
Posted by Panagiotis Mantzouranis on 06 October 2019 07:57 PM
  1. What are loyalty points?
    Loyalty points (or award points) are points given to a user

  2. How do customers earn points?
    Customers earn points by purchasing products and time offers that have points award configured.
    Customers can also earn points by purchasing fixed time or using deposits for play time.

  3. How do i configure loyalty points?
    Loyalty points are configured in 2 locations
    A. For Loyalty points given for products and time offers, points are configured inside the product/time offer settings
    B. For Loyalty points given for fixed time purchases or deposits, points are configured inside the usergroup profile
    Link to Youtube Video demonstrating the setup and use of loyalty points

  4. When are points awarded?
    A customer receives points when he fully pays for the product, offer or time session.
    Pay later or partial pay does not award points.
    Using the time offer does not award points.
    The customer receives the points ONLY when the invoice is fully paid.
    Use of deposits for play time awards points when the session is invoiced and paid.

  5. How do customers use points?
    Loyalty points can be used to purchase specific products or time offers
    Points can be reedemed by the Operator, or directly from the client interface (Client Ordering System)

  6. Can i manually add or subtract a customer's loyalty points?
    You cannot directly edit the customer points.

  7. Do products/time offers sold with points award extra points?
    No, items paid with points do not award points as the rest of the payment methods
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