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Gizmo Manager Icons
Posted by Panagiotis Mantzouranis on 13 May 2019 07:12 PM
  Name Explanation
Host connected Host connected and ready for use
Host in use Host currently in use by customer
Host off or disconnected Host is turned off or not connected to server
User Session active The customer's session is active (the customer is being charged)
User session paused The customer's session is in a paused state (Gizmo is waiting for the client pc to turn on)
Guest user reserved A guest user is reserved on the host (close balance to release guest)
Allow credit enabled Customer is allowed to use the host even after his time runs out (Play and pay later functionality)
Billing options modified The customer has his billing options changed until next restart (right-click user - billing options)
Asset checked out Customer has one or more assets (headset, controller) checked out on his account
PC locked (Computers)
User banned (Users)
Keyboard and mouse have been disabled or user has been banned
Endpoint out of order Device has been set Out of Order. Customers cannot use the host
Security disabled Client PC security has been disabled until next restart.
Connection to host lost The connection to the client pc has been lost while in use (network disconnect or Gizmo not running)
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